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Cooking With Dad Order Now!
Intro for cooking with dad

Have you ever wondered where recipes come from? According to Dad there's an incredible story behind every recipe!
Cooking With Dad is an entertaining tape that shows how you and your children can turn simple ingredients into some of the most tantalizing recipes known throughout the galaxy. Follow Dad as he explores the world of food by spinning tales of adventure and intrigue. Cooking With Dad boldly goes where no man has gone before...the kitchen.

We combine the art of storytelling with the excitement of actually preparing mouth-watering recipes. Cooking With Dad teaches kids a variety of important things, such as: kitchen safety, cleanliness, and organizational skills. More importantly Cooking With Dad shows children tat food can be as much fun to prepare as it is to eat.

Cooking with Dad is wonderfully funny, entertaining and educational. The only thing more appetizing than the recipes is Dad's over-active imagination. Watch Dad turn delightful recipes into enchanting adventures such as tomatoes on a raft and ugly apple creatures.

Travel to strange and fascinating places with Dad as he unravels the mysteries of secret recipes. Cooking With Dad is ideal viewing for the entire family. It's the perfect video for parents and children alike. Let Cooking With Dad introduces you and your children to the exciting world of culinary magic.
Cooking With Dad is a must for your family video collection!

This tape features:
      Tomatoes on a Raft
      Ugly Apple Creatures
This video cassette also comes with recipe cards featuring Banana Bread and Super Sandwiches, for quick reference in the kitchen See the cards

Buy one video or collect all of them to help you put together a wonderful dinner from appetizer to dessert.

Approximate running time: 30 minutes
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